Facebook has undeniably become the most popular social media platform of the Western world. Facebook boasts 1,250 million active monthly users and this number is steadily growing.

Besides allowing people to connect with friends, relatives and colleagues, Facebook also provides business owners like you with an amazing opportunity to promote your products or services. Did you know that 80% of social media users would rather connect with brands via Facebook instead of other social media platforms?

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What can you achieve with Facebook marketing?

Facebook is an excellent tool when it comes to increasing brand awareness. The average Facebook user has 130 friends. If you can get users to interact with you on Facebook, some of their friends will discover your brand. Facebook is also a great way to share links to your content and to generate interest for your products. Using this platform could help increase traffic to your site and perhaps generate more sales.

Facebook users like pages that belong to businesses because they identify with the brand. Getting Facebook users to like your page means your brand will become a part of the identity they construct on social media. The more they interact with your posts and brand, the more they will identify with your brand and will become likely to influence their friends.

There are over 488 million mobile users who visit Facebook or use the Facebook app regularly. Your Facebook marketing campaign could be the beginning of a wider mobile marketing campaign and help you reach out to new niches.

You will see that I have 3 personal Facebook pages:

My personal page on Facebook: Facebook | Peter Spann | Personal Page

My business page on Facebook: Facebook | Peter J Spann | Business Page

My travel site: https://www.facebook.com/peterthetravelguru

How can you generate an interest for your Facebook marketing campaign?

Start by connecting your Facebook page with your other marketing campaigns. Add a link to your Facebook page to your site, blog and at the bottom of your promotional emails. If you own a brick and mortar business, mention your Facebook page to the customers who come in.

Generate an interact for your Facebook page by promising something valuable to your customers. You could for instance post updates about new products, share coupon codes or organize a giveaway for the customers who connect with you on Facebook. Encouraging customers to send you questions or feedback via Facebook is another efficient way of getting them to engage with your campaign.

Keep your audience interested in your campaign by sharing valuable content. Share links to your blog posts or external websites if you think your audience will find this content interesting and valuable. You could also share exclusive information and promotional offers. Use the Facebook Insights tools to get an idea of which updates get the most comments, likes and shares. You can then focus on sharing similar updates to keep your audience interested.

Using Ads to Build Awareness

Think about using ads or sponsored posts to draw attention to your campaign.  You can start with as little as $5.   Facebook relies on data shared by its users to target them in function of their demographics or interests. Paid ads and sponsored posts are fairly affordable and Facebook makes it very easy for you to control your advertising budget. However, clicks are not guaranteed and some users might see your ads and promoted posts as spam. Take some time to think about the kind of return on investment you expect from this strategy to decide if it is adapted to your needs.

Getting started with Facebook is very easy and you can reach out to existing customers or find new niches by simply investing some of your time into sharing quality content and promoting your Facebook page. If you need help with Facebook marketing, contact us at Freedom Factory. We provide coaching services and helpful resources designed to help you succeed as a business owner.


Written by Staff Writers, edited by Peter Spann

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He is listed in ‘Who’s Who’ Queensland Edition, and his charity, Fox Smile helps underprivileged children with health and education.

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