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The Peter Spann Sales Machine Builds Your Business 24/7

Imagine your profits if you had dozens of powerful new marketing tactics to put to work…

Crafted by the best in the game – designed to transform your business into a cash machine

The Sales Machine System is more than a few good ideas strung together… It’s a complete way to build and sustain a business growth plan that works.

  • More Customers

    You’ll be attracting more and more customers to your business;

  • More Profit

    You’ll know how to increase your profit margins leaving your competitors working for peanuts;

  • Better Marketing ROI

    You’ll learn how to cut your marketing costs and get more bang for your buck;

  • Measurable & Adjustable

    You’ll learn how to track the results of your marketing so you know just how much it is bringing you and which efforts are working and which are not;

  • Better Positioning

    You’ll build a brand a position that will stand out from the crowd of businesses clamoring for your customers attention and make sure that they know crisply and cleanly why they should buy from you and you alone;

  • Targeted

    You’ll pinpoint your most lucrative customers and zero in on them – this means less expenditure on marketing for a higher return;

  • Data-Driven

    You’ll tap into customer loyalty and mine the deep, rich data that a great loyalty program brings to know exactly which products to sell them and when and how to market to attract other “A” Class customers;

  • Clever Solutions

    You’ll make incredibly exciting and enticing offers to your customers that they can’t resist and don’t cost you a cent;

  • Move More Stock

    Be “on-point” with your product / service offering to convert stock into fast cash and keep your customer coming back for more;

  • Boost Profit

    You’ll formulate and impose a strict price and service strategy that increases your gross profit;

  • Improve Service

    You’ll systemise and simplify the customer service experience, address pain points and add value;

  • Enhanced Productivity

    You’ll develop a high-performance and results-focused team who will take initiative, do more productive work, sell more and be happier;

  • Turnkey Systems

    And you’ll build KPI driven, fast, efficient and meaningful reporting that allows you and your team to run your business without you physically being there

A Power-Packed Business Philosophy

The Peter Spann philosophy revolves around 9 strategies, all crucial to building a high performance business.

More Sales


Build the Business’ Brand Authority and Positioning


Create an automated marketing system that constantly generates new customers


Establish a Loyalty Program that resells and retains existing clients

Any business that is not attracting new customers is slowly dying.  Up to 10% of your customers leave each year through natural attrition – they move out of the area, try new stores, die, and so on.   At a minimum your marketing should be replacing those customers.

Positioning is all about designing a store, price and service strategy and marketing that appeals and sells to the right customer at the right time at the right price.

A client acquisition program automatically targets key new customers through mediums such as Customer Loyalty Program, Facebook and other social media, local newspapers, SEO and other channels.

We also use powerful customer loyalty techniques to regularly resell existing customers and have them return to the store to buy items they may not usually have bought.  This is about getting a greater share of your customers’ spend.

More Profit


Formulate a Price Strategy that successfully supports marketing and increases gross profit


Curate a premium product / service offering that is unique to your market, appeals to your “A” customers, up sells and cross sells – right product, right customer, right price


Develop a physical / on-line distribution plan that maximises your reach and extends your client base

Most businesses have never formulated a formal price strategy that effectively matches positioning, brand, target customer, and marketing.

You don’t need to discount to win business but you do need to get this right, otherwise, subconsciously you will never win 100% of the hearts and minds of the key groups of customers you target.  Put simply you cannot be all things to all people.

When it comes to effective positioning, everything needs to be aligned – your brand, your logo, your website and social pages, your team’s uniforms, the way they service and sell, the product / service selection of the business, the hard systems that deliver a consistent results to all the key stakeholders.

It’s a case of communicating these brand values in a seamless, integrated, authentic statement about your business that your customers can relate to on a deep and personal level.

More Life


Build an Empowered, Synchronicitous, Key Performance Indicator Driven Team


Systemise and Simplify the Service Experience so Your Customers Love What You Do and Refer Their Friends


Develop a disciplined approach to KPI-driven, Fast Efficient, Meaningful Reporting which creates a management feedback loop of constant improvement

Most business owners spend the majority of their time working “in” the business and not “on” the business, until they grow to a size where they can fully employ competent people to Manage and task the business.

This is an impossible situation for any business that is going to grow because that task should be the primary focus of any business owner.

If a business owner is ever going to get the opportunity to step out and work on their business they need to build a High Performance Team.   Easy to say, harder to do, but extraordinarily rewarding when done.

Dominate the market in your local area

You may have some of these nailed, in other you may need help or may not have even started.   Or in some cases you may be in crisis and need quick fixes.

Rarely does a business have all 9 sorted at once – and if you did you wouldn’t be reading this!  All businesses are growing, changing adapting.  What worked yesterday may not work today and almost certainly not tomorrow.

Once pre-eminent businesses are having their strategies disrupted, their processes pulled apart and their market taken from them but smarter, quicker competitors who seemingly came from nowhere.  Don’t let that happen to you!

Even if your business is performing well, you need to be paying constant attention to all 9 Strategies and innovate as much as possible within your market.

A Complete Strategy to Market & Grow Your Business

The Sales Machine is a step by step marketing and business building system that will significantly increase your growth rate, turnover, and net profit without taking you away from the business.

Over time it will actually release you more and more to concentrate on working “on” the business or just taking more time off.

Support & Encouragement

Peter Spann, a 30+ year marketing veteran will be with you all the way to give you direction, provide you with strategies and support you in implementation.

Through the Sales Machine facebook group he checks in with you on a regular basis to fine tune your strategy for your business, help with any local variations and advice.

The Comprehensive, All Success, no-BS Business Strategy Seminar


The tools you need to build a powerful growth business.

Manuals, insider info, expert opinion, feasibilities, how to’s, templates and research.

Every resource necessary to succeed the do-it-yourself way.

On Line Education

Peter Spann’s Billion Dollar Sales Machine On-Line Course

16 Hours of pure education
for people who want to succeed in business and achieve a level of financial freedom quicker and safer than doing it on their own.


Shift your future into high gear! Join an exclusive group of achievers personally coached by Peter Spann.

Demonstrate your commitment to high performance in every aspect of your business and life by joining this intense one-on-one program.

Design and build your own cash flow machine that runs with minimal input from you and lead the lifestyle you deserve.

  • All the tools you need to succeed

    Billion Dollar Sales Machine gives you all the knowledge, information, skills and strategies you need to succeed in business today!

  • On Line Learning at its Best

    Billion Dollar Sales Machine is based on Peter Spann’s 30+ years experience as an entrepreneur, educator,business owner, venture capitalist, and marketing guru.

    Plus you get bonus interviews, seminar content, manuals, and updates, fully taking advantage of the latest technology in delivery methods.

  • New Content Added Regularly

    Not only do you get your 8 weeks of course material you’ll be able to access all the content as it is added for a full year.

  • Timely Market Updates

    As a Billion Dollar Sales Machine member you will get, as a minimum, monthly updates, and if anything significant happens in business we’ll let you know straight away.

  • Comprehensive Email Support

    Billion Dollar Sales Machine members get priority support from our team of experts and if necessary, direct from Peter Spann – all your questions answered – you are never on your own.

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